Funeral Services



I am truly alarmed at the way some of the funeral homes conduct their business.  It is my hope that this particular category that I have created on funeral services and funerals will help you to save money.

It has been my experience that most of the funeral homes I have personally dealt with, whether it was for me or if I was helping someone else, just broke rule after rule.  They don’t follow the rules and their bottom line was money.  They were cold-hearted.  If it was not a big profit to be made, then they could care less about talking to you.

It is my goal to stop the funeral homes that are breaking the rules…….simply by educating the consumer.  

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General Price List

funeral services general price list


A General Price List is a very key component when you have to make funeral arrangements for your loved one.  Many people do not even know what a General Price List is, or the importance of having one.  If you don’t remember anything else, always remember to request a general price list.

Without a General Price List you would have no idea of what the cost of funeral services would be.  You can pretty much consider yourself bait for an unethical funeral director without this important piece of paper!

How would you know what the prices are in the funeral industry if you only shop at one place?

What if the funeral home around the corner charges twice as much as the one across town?  You will never know if you don’t collect General Price Lists from the funeral homes you plan to do business with!

Do you know right now which funeral home offers the best price or a better price?  If not you’ve got work to do!


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A Funeral Home Story From The Past

This funeral home story was told to me by my Mom.  I thought it was amazing and I’d like to share it with you.

My Grandfather Worked In A Funeral Home

First of all, my grandfather passed away when I was about fourteen years old.  My grandmother (his wife) passed away twenty years after he did.  My grandfather was a very smart intelligent man.  He could build a home from scratch and was a man of many trades.

I know my grandpa worked on a job and got his fingers all messed up.  When I was a kid, I remember he could not bend his fingers.  I think he was working in the construction field.  He could do just about anything you could name.

My grandpa held a variety of jobs during his lifetime.  He was not originally from Ohio, he was from the South.  He believed in family and he took care of his family.  He was a REAL BREAD WINNER!

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Funeral Home Phone Call

funeral home phone call

What I am about to tell you may be shocking!  Let me explain to you first, the reason why I made a phone call to the funeral home.

I had been talking to a friend of mine who lives out of state.  We talked about many things.  She knew about my terrible experience with the funeral home and the funeral director.  We spoke often throughout the week.

At this point in time, she understood why I created my funeral website…..

She knew all about my Dad passing away.  She was great with grief support.  It’s wonderful to have someone to talk to!

We spoke about a lot of things.  Some of our main topics for our conversations were health and my funeral website.

This day was a different day.  She called me to tell me that her Mom had passed away.  I wanted to help her in any way I could, after all she was one of my key people who critiqued my funeral website.

I knew she was somewhat educated on the funeral industry and fraud just by reading and critiquing my website.

I wanted to make sure that she had all of the information and education she needed so that she could get her Mom’s funeral at the best price possible.

She called me the same day her Mom passed.  I told her she needed to get General Price Lists for all the funeral homes in the area, and especially for the funeral home they preferred to do the funeral services.  Now what happened next was very shocking!!!

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Funerals Happen Everyday


no funeral plansA funeral should be something that is planned for in advance.  Just like births happen every day, so does death.  For some reason or another, because of the grief associated with losing a loved one, no one wants to talk about it.

Death in our culture is a taboo topic.  You don’t want to think about your death do you?

But if you don’t someone will be caught without plans!

I guess that’s a normal attitude that you have.  You are no different than most of society when it comes to that.  We don’t want to think about death, talk about death, or plan for a death.

Who Wants To Talk About Funerals?

Evading the subject just makes matters worse for our loved ones if we have no final preparations. Realize that your loved ones will already be emotionally challenged with an overload of grief.

Do you really think that they can conduct business with a clear head at this time with a funeral director?  Sounds like your loved ones would be in a great position to be taken advantage of by a funeral director.

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Funeral Home Horror Stories


Funeral home horror stories may be something that you may not be familiar with.  They occur more often than you would think.

You can do your own diligent research on it, but it’s shockingly more common than I thought it would be, so I decided to inform you about it.

It’s not a surprise that no matter how hard you search you will find very little useful information on funeral home and cemetery fraud.

Funeral Home Malpractice & Negligence Issues

I really want you to find useful tips here, so I have decided to publish a few things that funeral homes actually could be sued for.

Stealing Personal Property

I personally would not bury my loved one in any jewelry.  Thieves have been known to steal not only jewelry, but gold fillings too.

Unfortunately theft could happen at the funeral home and/or at the cemetery.  Grave Robbery is not a new concept, it just doesn’t make the news as often as it occurs!

Wouldn’t your loved one rather see you with their personal valuable property rather than have it stolen?  The funeral home can be sued for theft, but how can you check?  This works to their advantage, you can’t sue anybody for something you don’t know about, right?

There is also what you call “failing to attend to a gravesite, resulting in vandalism”.  This is also a reason that the funeral home could be sued.  If your loved one’s grave site is vandalized.

Placing More Than One Body In A Coffincasket

Chances are you are not going to dig your loved one up.

So while placing more than one body in a coffin is a crime….. the funeral home can be sued for it, who’s gonna know?

How would you know if there is more than one body in the coffin?  What happens at the grave-site?

Well I don’t know because any funeral that I have ever been to…the body has never been dropped in the ground in my presence.

An unattended coffin at a cemetery is an open invitation for all kinds of things to happen including theft, vandalism, and reselling the casket by taking your loved one out of it.

What good is a rule if you don’t know about it? If you don’t know that a theft took place how can you press charges or sue? Worse yet, you are gone and don’t get to see the casket dropped in the ground.  My friend asked me if any of these rules was made to humor her, LOL!

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What Is Cremation?



Well, let’s start with what you know about cremation. Most of you may be thinking that cremation is just putting a  body  in a special chamber.  Then the body is heated to very hot temperatures until it is reduced to ashes……End of cremation process.  Not Hardly!


Cremation Is Not That Simple

That’s only a part of what happens, cremation is not that simple.  That is really the short sweet version of it.   Let’s  get a little more detailed understanding.

When a body is cremated, it is intensely heated in an approved cremation container in a cremation chamber, which is nothing more than a special kind of furnace for the body.  The body is usually in the cremation chamber for approximately two to four hours.

The final product of this process is not ashes as one would think.

The final product of the body at this point (being put into a cremation chamber) is bone fragments. The bone fragments are then placed in a processor which produces the ashes.

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A Funeral Director’s Job

The Funeral Director

A Funeral Director’s job is to deal with many aspects of the funeral and family to make sure that everything goes smoothly for the funeral home and for the client.  The Funeral Director must also be an excellent listener and communicator and be able to show compassion for the family.

It is also important to understand the educational requirements of the funeral director.  A Funeral Director in the United States is required by law to be licensed and have an education.  

Each state may have it’s own requirements, laws, rules, and regulations for licensing.

Before discussing the common requirements for licensed funeral directors in the United States, or those wanting to be licensed, I felt it necessary to explain the above photo.

I had a horrific experience with the very first funeral director I ever dealt with in my life.  This picture explains how I felt, and how I remember him.  This dishonest Funeral Director tried to cheat me out of everything he could and broke every consumer protection law there ever was:


Once you find out all of the educational requirements that a funeral director has to meet, you will know that any bad experiences, such as the one that I had was intentionally done!

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